Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh My Goddess!

I have been on another online treasure- hunting venture, this one inspired by the Buddhist Goddess, Guanyin/ Kwan Yin.  I actually wear a tiny, precious sterling silver figure of her on a sterling chain around my neck. It was what influenced me in the first place!

a treasury by m00ndr0ps

Kwan Yin is globally known to represent compassion, mercy and unconditional love. She is usually shown in a white flowing robe and usually wears necklaces of Indian/Chinese royalty. In the right hand is a water jar containing pure water, and the left holds a willow branch. Often depicted sitting on in a giant lotus blossom and also known as kuan-yin, Kannon (japanese) , Gwan-eum (korean), and Quan Âm (vietnamese).


  1. Hello! Im Ana from Mexico and here I do the zafus with coffe husk since 2000, and they are very comfortable, soft and easy to handle.

    the beauty of all is that more people meditate...

    congratulations, nice designs.